Find out more about the carefully selected mods and plugins that have been chosen and customised for our environment:


Structures Plus (S+)

An essential mod for any PvE Server with many Building Features, QoL Improvements, Updated Structures and Unique Structures

We have enabled many popular options including floating base support, mutators, vivariums, cloning chambers and many more items !

These have all been configured and customised for this server.

Dino Storage v2

This is a small mod designed to store dinos as items, similar to a pokeball! 

No more lagtastic dino barns or yards! 

We have enabled many popular options including:

DinoStorage Terminals also function as Travel Terminals between maps.

Dino Mods

No Untameables: 

Krakens Better Dinos: 

Castle, Keeps and Forts (CKF)

To allow you to build the base you've always dreamed of using

CFK Remastered & CFK Science Fiction:

ECOs Mods

To allow you to decorate your base and provide additional functionality:

Lethal Reusables

Reusable versions of many of your favourite items:

 and many more items !

Automated Death Recovery

It gives your items back to you when you respawn after dying! (Most of the time)

Auction House

We use the highly popular Auction House to support trading of resources and dinos across the cluster in a safe way.

Balanced Narcotics

Craft up to x10 stronger narcotics, stimulants and ammo for taming dinos.

Item Finder

Have you ever lost something inside your base and cannot find that weapon, armor or blueprint?

Press F3 to bring up a search function to filter and find those lost items.

Awesome ARKing Mod

Our own custom developed mod - providing QoL changes for this cluster including Reduced Titan boss cooldowns !

Press F2 to access the in-house shop to get your coins and starter kits.

Upgrade Station

If you want max level items - you can.

Be warned - it is VERY expensive!

All our customised drops are configured so you will rarely need this item.


Kal's Cross Server Chat

Talk to everyone across the maps - 

anything you type in global chat can be seen in all maps and in discord !

/pm2 name - to setup a private message (cross-maps)

/r2 - to then send the message 

Awesome ARKing Mod

Engrams are automatically unlocked when you meet the requirements.  No boss requirements.

Got Stuck ? 

Type /suicide in chat to kill yourself.

This is helpful if you get stuck somewhere allowing yourself to respawn. 


This allows you to transfer normally disallowed items, reduce chance of items loss, transfers shoulder pets and has additional advanced buffer overflow protection when swapping maps.

Dino Limit

Type /DinoLimits in chat to see what dinos are restricted or limited. 

We have limited some dinos on the map - for server performance or economy reasons.

Structure Limit 

Type /ShowLimits in chat to see what structures are restricted or limited.

We have limited some structures on the maps - for server performance, exploits or economy reasons.

Vote Rewards

Vote for our servers ( and then you can type /claim in chat to get your vote rewards delivered to you.

Private Message

Privately message an online user (in the same map):

/pm name msg - to send a message 

/r msg - to reply to someone

Reward Boxs 

Type /box in chat to see what rewards you have available.

Dino Tracker

Don't spend hours looking for lost dinos!

Find your lost dinos by typing: 

/track <dinoname>

- where <dinoname> is a dino name or dino species (e.g. Carno).

No Wander

Ensures new baby's:

Tribe owners can change the settings by typing /nowander - which can also allow you to set your new dinos to have random names.

Tribe Message of the Day (MOTD) 

Tribe Admins can setup the MOTD for your tribe mates from in-game.

Example:  /setmotd Welcome to the tribe !

Our team can also set MOTD to a player or tribe to notify them of any rule violations.