🚫We do not allow

Building on (in, above or around) the following creature spawn locations:

Realm Base:

Building on (in, above or around) the:

∞Why ?

Creature Spawn Locations: We respect our Beavers, Wyverns, Deinonychus, Gachas and Rock Drakes on this map and these creatures have limited spawn locations.

Caves: These are good resource rich areas of Crystal, Oil and other materials and we want to ensure these resources keep spawning for players.

Realm Bases: These locations are much smaller than the main 'map' and contain some unique creatures.  We have limited the base size so multiple tribes can build their main base in these areas if they want to.

Rune Locations: Players must be able to access these locations easily - these are the equivalent to explorer notes and will be considered griefing if they are blocked.

Check the wiki  (may contain spoilers) for more information.