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x2.5 XP: More XP - reduce the time it takes for you to level up.

x3 Harvesting: More Resources - spend less time farming to get what you need.

x5 Taming:  Faster taming - capture the dinos you want in less time.

x0.5 Water Drain:  Less drinking - Go further without needing to constantly drink.

x1.5 Hexagons:  Gain more hexagons from Genesis missions ! 

x4 Weight/Level:  Increased carrying weights are here.

Flyer Speed is enabled: You can also upgrade your dino to a Kraken Better Dino

Weight Reduction and Stack Sizes: Carry more resources - reduced weight and increased stack sizes for common resources.

Unlimited Mindwipe: Use as often as you like with No Cooldown.

Longer Days (~74 mins): 25% longer Day-Time(~55 mins), Night-Time (~18.62 mins).

Wild Level Dinos: 150, 180 - Tek Creatures, 190 - Wyverns  - Balanced for new and experienced players.

Tamed Dinos: +88 Tamed Level-Ups - All Tamed Dinos can gain +88 Max levels.

OP Player Bred Dinos: > Level 1500+ - Can you breed that perfect 1778 baby Giga!


Floating Base Support: Build floating structures and bases (S+, CFK and ECO mods) - do not require foundation or pillar support.  Reduce the risk of accidental structure destruction by picking up the wrong item.

Structure Placement Collision (True): Build structures that clip into the terrain (no blocking) - so you can make your designs look perfect.

Structure Pickup (Always Allow): You can always pick up (un-damaged) items after it has been placed down without needing to destroy it.

Water from Anywhere: S+ Intake pipes allow you to get water from anywhere - no need for long water pipes.


Increased Speed

x15 Maturation: Dinos grow to adults faster.

x15 Incubation: Less waiting time between mating till your baby dinos are ready to hatch or are given birth.

x5 Breeding Cooldown: Dino re-mating cooldown is reduced to around ~3.5 - 9.5 hrs.

Quality of Life (Features)

Live Birth Capture:  Use DinoStorage Terminals to capture your baby dinos as they are born.

Mutators:  Yes - they are enabled, customised to provide a balanced environment.

S+ Cloning Chamber: Its expensive, slow and configured to protect breeders - it will also not make non-breedable dinos 'breedable'.

S+ Cloning Chamber

x20 cost, x2 Speed -  its expensive to protect breeders ..

Useful to create that second coloured dino you need for breeding purposes or that Element Gacha you found.

Trade Restrictions (Rules)

Rules are in place on tradable breeding dinos above certain limits to protect the economy and your breeding lines.

Read the rules - before you start selling dinos!


Customised Loot

Bonus items to some lower tier drops: Kibble and Consumables.

Removed the following blueprints: 

Improved Loot Quality up to x5 for:

Blueprints have a reduced chance of dropping - this is the trade-off for the highly increased loot quality drops.

QoL (Features)

Retrieve your loot from your corpse on respawn (*) 

(*) some limitations may apply.

Free Starter Kit  (up to x2) :

EcoTrees & Sap collector in your own base!

Items+ map transfer support - no loss of items when transferring maps and reduced "buffer overflows".

Mods, Plug-Ins

Many popular mods and plug-ins have been carefully customised and configured including:

and a lot more!

Automated Servers

Hourly check and auto-update for: 

The servers auto-reboot if a crash is detected and generates a save to minimise any rollbacks.

Base Decay

We clear inactive bases automatically, and publish timers in discord of when a tribes base will be destroyed (24-48 hrs) before it is scheduled to be destroyed.  You can extend your decay time by purchasing a patron subscription.

Just log-in on that map to prevent it being destroyed !

Dedicated Hardware

The cluster runs on dedicated server hardware, hosted in the UK:

Genesis 1 & 2

Alpha Level Mission:  

Genesis 2

World Mission buffs:


Player Driven Economy

We use the highly popular Auction House mod to provide an in-game player to player trading experience.

In-Game Rewards

Earn points by playing in-game, voting for servers, becoming a patron supporter to purchase items.


Boss Rewards

Increased boss rewards (up to x10 element) and/or a chance of customised items such as potions.

Holiday Events

We love the holidays - and enable all the Official ARK Holiday Events and run occasional competitions !