Join the Team    


All team members are volunteers who have wilfully given their time to help the community and we appreciate your interest in joining the team.  All team roles requires a lot of time, effort, commitment in-game and out-of-game. 

To become a member of the team you will need to go through the application process that will ask you a variety of questions. We look for long term players with a strong sense of community; someone who will voice their concerns and will have a positive impact to the community.  The application form is the first step in this process.

All team role members are reviewed monthly / bi-monthly to ensure that they are providing a valued contribution and expected conduct towards the community.

What we expect



Keep the ARK Servers and the Discord a safe environment. 

They have access to certain limited in-game commands to resolve all normal issues where a standard defined process has been created.


Keep the ARK Environment safe with specialist roles such as:

Discord Moderators, Testers, Special Skilled members, Guide Builders, Media Creators and Community Support.

    Still Interested ?    

All team members start as a team member in training to better understand how the team operates and ensure this is the place for you. 

Fill out the Application Form to begin your journey to join the Awesome ARKing team !